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…and now for something completely personal.

“There is a link between color & light and memory & feeling. And all instances are captured in one of them, or all of them, and those images stay forever engrained in the fabric of our days.

That photo that hangs on every refrigerator, in every house that you have lived in since college; its faded colors are no less vivid to you.
In your mind, there are no corners missing, and the yellow sweater that she was wearing hangs now in your own closet.
(Only you never wear it, because ironically, you don’t like to think of how much you miss her.)
Now that particular color yellow always makes you grin. And even though you never realize it, your lover does.
He watches with intense pride as the icing on your birthday cake (that same bright yellow) creaks across your face in a thin smile.
One of a million different smiles that you have, and no one realizes except him that it was for much more than just the wish you made.”

-Regan L. Beisenherz-
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The invisible Monsters

In the next five years and for the past five, my friends and I have been in the phase of life that involves not only our own evolution, but also the fine art of mixing lives together, and hoping that it rises. The heat and pressure of such a thing can cause what you have mixed to fall, or lack flavor. Sometimes the coming together of these unique elements can be absolute disaster, and a huge mess. This is our lives however, and not just a messy kitchen, so naturally it causes anxiety. … Continue readingThe invisible Monsters