About Seraphim Fire Photography

“I am really good at loving.” I enjoy saying this to people and watching their faces curl slowly into a smile. It sounds so inappropriate.
“I did not say lover, I said “At loving”” and the smile widens and we sip our warm coffee and let our shoulders relax.
I have had a camera in my hands consistently now for 20+ years and without much thought, my fingers can do all the technical dancing required for the machinery to match my heart; to match that feeling of really relaxing with another person.
I want to tell stories. I want to help people remember. I want to keep taking pictures and feeling full from shared experiences.

I’m married to my favorite person on this planet and we have two little boys.

We live in Denver, or Morrison or Unincorporated Jeffco, (Depending on which mailman is working) and I love, deeply, the 11 trees within the boundaries of our property line.

Also, writing and music keep me humming.
(I would have been a musician, but I have no real rhythm or skill.) I sing to our sons and because of their very young age, they cannot yet protest.
I love to travel; reading is how I accomplish that currently. 
Travel with small children is hard.

3 thoughts on “About Seraphim Fire Photography

  1. I just saw your photographs from Bethany and Jesse’s wedding. Beautiful… You really caputred them as a couple, very well done!

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