“Love is friendship set on fire.”

These last few weeks have given themselves over, lush with experiences that started my heart strings strummin’. It is here that I wish to share with you all the places and faces. However, now that I sit, trying to string together a proper time line, it has become a mental windstorm, moving memories around and creating quite a mess.

What follows is the result; a photographic catalog. (with some help from my very scribbled over day timer…)

Bella Baby Photography opens Littleton Hospital. A little over forty babies in two weeks between four photographers, prove that not all babies are alike, and see the love of new families spring up all around me…  

Get a call from my sweet Jana  who invites me to see Neko Case and Judy Collins!
Spend an evening worshipping the sounds of folk music  and wild laughter…

Send mail to my soldier, and enjoy a day with my grandma.
Get a call to do maternity portraits for a friend of a friend, drive to Colorado Springs, find some time for Yoga, edit maternity images, fall in love with my adorable new friend.

Three days later…   Baby Grace is born.

Drive again to Colorado Springs. Celebrate Grace.  

Spend the next two days with Foster and Amelia. Teach Foster how to peel the skin off of a grapefruit, and we play with trains…

Get my chance to use crayons for the first time in years…

Dig into the SFP archives for an old image from my Crest Stone editorial,  send it to the lab for a print order, fulfill a dream of selling my art, come alive  from said fulfillment….  

Finally meet little Della….
Spend a day at home watching the snow pile up around my  window, study the affect of physical affection, write a new letter and back up my work. Meet up with an old friend from high school, play in Cheeseman Park with her two beautiful daughters, successfully capture their joy…  

Played some darts…. But not very well….

enjoyed amazing conversation with friends over dinner late in the week. Remembered a quote from that dinner:

“Be conscious of self, but not self conscious.”

For more information or to set up a portrait session,
please contact Regan Beisenherz @ Info@seraphimfire.com or call 970.371.8282

Thanks for all the love and support!

3 thoughts on ““Love is friendship set on fire.”

  1. lenore dechtman says:

    Regan, Your pictures are awe inspiring. They capture the moment, keep up the good work. Love seeing what you are doing, Lenore

  2. Nikki Burton says:

    Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to contact you I am the hairstylist from the marks sandavol wedding October 20 hopefully I can get an email back and send you some contact information to come get your hombre on lol


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