Long embraces and less abbreviations.

I have a deep desire to share. I resist closed doors and blank walls. I love to write, but for two years all I can get down on paper are love letters to my son. It can be frustrating, having so much to say, feeling soggy from too much experience. Soggy from all the happy tears and splashy sink baths. Soggy & tired. Tired from … Continue reading Long embraces and less abbreviations.

It’s got to have he(art).

  ………………………………………………………… notion Syllabification: no·tion Pronunciation: /ˈnōSHən / NOUN 1A conception of or belief about something: SYNONYMS 2An impulse or desire, especially one of a whimsical kind: ………………………………………………………… I tend to hold tight to certain beliefs, but take care not to adopt too many. I do this because I enjoy staying open to the possibility that perhaps there is something, somewhere that I have overlooked. Some fact … Continue reading It’s got to have he(art).

Things on paper.

I absolutely love idioms. Things like, Stay the course, and Keep your eye’s peeled. I love that they ring out from years and years of consistent historical change, but the expressions themselves never do. I love the random and strange language of them, and that you can tell where a person is from when they use one or another in particular. And I love  that when … Continue reading Things on paper.

Life of Pie & Corresponding Theories on Memory.

Over the last twenty years, I have collected hundreds of images. And in that time they have started to look different to me or to say something new. Either way, they have defined moments in my life and given me new ways to feel about the things that I could not change. They have even acted on behalf of my memory, kindly replacing the characters from … Continue reading Life of Pie & Corresponding Theories on Memory.

Whatever the reason. (or season.)

Prelude. One of the most wonderful things about writing is that you can look back on how you have been feeling, and how your perspective has changed. In the past my battle with this blog has been slow and steady bouts of writers block followed by intense focus and eventually, a common thread. One worth sharing. The past four months have been quite different, and … Continue reading Whatever the reason. (or season.)

(R)ed (L)etter (R)esolve.

It is the last days of January, and if you are one of the 40% of folks that made a resolution, I hope that you are working to keep it. You might instead, be more logical like my husband to be; seeing it more as superstition. Either way, there is history in retrospect and in setting goals for the year ahead. New Year’s celebrations started … Continue reading (R)ed (L)etter (R)esolve.

“Let’s stay together.”

There truly is no telling when inspiration will strike. For me, as July just started creeping in, it was on board a 220 heading back to Seattle. I can officially call it a trend now. Whenever I am flying, all those dormant thoughts and considerations are pulled to the top; demanding proper notice. And it is not conversation that I want. I long for clean … Continue reading “Let’s stay together.”


“It seems only natural that we should improve as we age. But in the inevitable glow of accomplishment we can forget that natural is not synonymous with simple.
Improvement is often difficult, and that difficulty can even hurt sometimes. I believe however, that the presence of that difficulty is crucial. It cultivates an awareness,
like a glacier it carves through what already exists to make room for what will come next. In those moments of struggle, when pieces of you are being shifted around and you think that you can’t take much more,
remember that what fills that space next is completely up to you. Revel in all that possibility, and then dive in.” -Regan Beisenherz- Continue reading Edify.

Part 2: “For anyone who has ever had a mission” Statement

I’m not sure what it says about me that in early December, on the eve of my 29th birthday, I am swaying to folk music in my pajamas. It is 6:08 AM and I have been awake for over an hour. I am not thinking about how far I have come during this year or what I want for myself in the year ahead.  Not … Continue reading Part 2: “For anyone who has ever had a mission” Statement