John Mayer killed Santa Clause….

Not only is the world fundamentally changing and twisting, and also some how staying exactly the same, but there are people out there sucking up the lime light with disgusting fervor; and shamelessly. This should please me, given that, as Audrey Hepburn so wisely put “it wrecks a girls complexion.” However, some dreams of mine have been shattered today and this technological hell mouth seems the only appropriate place to air my grievances. Today, one of my dearest of friends, who has had only the worst opinions of John Mayer from the get go, chose to bring to light the interview between Rob Tannenbaum and Mayer. I must say, the ‘battle studies’ in this situation only reveal that yet again she has been right all along. John Mayer is absolutely ridiculous. Talent can only take you so far, and I can only imagine what Mr. Tannenbaum, a Time’s music critic, must have thought of Mayer’s remarks as he flip flopped between expressions like “I consider myself a good guy” and “My d*&k is a white supremacist.” If there is one thing I have gathered from Mayer’s public bought of verbal diarrhea, it is that he believes his early thirties to be a counting excuse for inappropriate jibber jabber, and that he does not actually think about the things coming so eloquently from his ‘pretty little mouth.’ So let me challenge you John, I have enjoyed the music put out by you and yours for more than ten years. I am present in the same demographic as you are and painstakingly aware of the power technology now has on our ability to communicate within our generation. I have stuck up for, and entertained the continuation of your career based on a respect for the intelligence and thoughtfulness of what I thought I was hearing. There must have been a fair amount of determination to your musical education, and until today, I believed that it and your successes earned you some amount of respect. It is now however, that I realize that I simply can not respect some one that does not respect themselves.

You gave yourself away Mr. Mayer.
Apparently you don’t care enough about what people think,
to consider what comes out of your mouth.

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