Celebrating love, with the letters…

Every year, for one reason or another, the month of February gets lost in my calender pages, and I get lost along with it. Maybe I have a hard time committing to a new year, or I am still spending time with the changes of the last one? Either way, here I am at the start of another February, and to my pleasant surprise, I can recognize my place in it.

The past few weeks have been spent editing wedding images and generating media for ‘The Letters’. I have gotten positive feedback from publishers, (any news is good news, right?) although no takers just yet. In an attempt to stay positive I have also started researching ways to realistically print the first batch of books myself. More tactile work will be involved of course, but I see it as an opportunity for craftsmanship, rather than a pitfall.

In a particularly comfortable place, seated at dinner the other night, my father brought up an interesting consideration. Something that had not occurred to me before.
How do others define a love letter?

For me, it is in the old notes that I found slid neatly into the pockets of my brothers baby book; some dating back to 1984. He would have been 9 years old, and defined as a child, but oh what love those scrawled and scribbled letters expressed!
For others, it is simply more romantic in nature. A wedding vow for example, or the commitment of wearing a wedding ring.

However you define your love, and even if you don’t, find the time to write it down.

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

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